2017: Automation, The World of Convenience?

Have you ever desired to have a robot maid? Perhaps an automated machine doing all the work in the kitchen for your favorite meals? If there’s one technology trend this year that will dictate how much of our lives will be connected it’s definitely automation. Over the past few years we have seen a number of products connecting a variety of gadgets or devices in the palm of your hands or electronics sitting at home.

I can personally say that while I do love the idea having various parts of my life controlled or automated by one or a couple of devices the thought of putting all of my trust in technology does create a big fear within me. Not only within me, but for humanity as well. The generations before had no idea that we would have a virtual assistant respond to our every command. They had to deal with the arduous reality that weather predictions are only available on television in the morning or at night. In the world of automation is important to separate automation and feeling human every once in awhile, but this is not entirely about me. There are a variety of questions to ask ourselves.

This year is no different with more and more top corporations releasing devices such as Apple’s Homepod, new Amazon Echo and other electronics that are using virtual assistants in order to facilitate our busy [and sometimes overworked] lives. The question that arises from technology providing more convenience and automation is: Do we really need our lives centered around devices providing a great deal of convenience? Does the idea of having all your lights, phones, tablets and electronics at home working on a schedule? Does the idea of having your air conditioner turn on an hour and half before you arrive home entice you? At what point do we stop relying so heavily on technology and at least have some control over what we do with our lives?

Engage in the conversation and let us know what are your thoughts on automation and the world of convenience that we will soon embrace.

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