Wearable Technology – Where is it going?

Wearable technology are devices that are worn and generally have smart sensors which connect to other devices such as smart phones, tablets or even computers. According to Statista, the Pulsar’s calculator wristwatch can be considered as the first consumer wearable that had public consumer success in the industry. I have been one of the many consumers that have purchased a wearable device. My first device was Samsung’s first GEAR watch and then I moved to a better looking Moto 360 watch and after banging them up against the wall I decided that it was not something that I truly needed in my every day live and I think for the most part the majority of the consumers feel the same way I do.

According to the IDC, consumers will be buying more and more wearables but from Quarter 4 in 2016 to Quarter 2 in 2017 there are have been many corporations that have seen a decline in growth and sales in wearable technology. Apart from Apple and Samsung why is there such a decline in sales and growth despite an improvement in what the technology is offering? Based upon the number of tech savvy consumers that I have spoken to the typical answer is:

“I don’t really need it, anything I can do with the [Inset wearable device here], I can do with my phone

In a way that previous statement can be said about pretty much to other devices regardless of whether it’s a wearable or not. Perhaps the aforementioned reason it’s why tablets are not selling as well as they used (topic for another time). As we dive deeper into the year [2017], there are many devices that has us excited such as the Apple Watch 3rd edition or the water-proof smart watch that Fit bit may be planning to release to compete with the top “dogs” in the market. The one question we must ask ourselves — do we want a wearable device more than we need it? Are there any upcoming wearable devices that are you excited for ?

Please let us know your thoughts on wearable technology and where you see it going in the next couple of years. Thank you.

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