Screen competition: LG Confirms OLED for LG V30

Many you may or may not know that Samsung, Sony and LG have been competing with each other to provide us with the sharpest and most vibrant screens in the industry whether it’s on your mobile devices or on your television. Who would have thought that we would ever have an OLED screen in the palms of our hands? Correct me if I’m wrong but LG’s V30 will be the first phone to sport an OLED screen since G Flex 2. LG is naming the screen “FullVision display” which is basically a fancy name for a phone that will have an 18:9 aspect ratio and very slim bezels similarly to Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

Image credit: Onleaks (and feature image as well)

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 (if the rumors are true) it’ll sport a slightly smaller screen (6.0 inches). The screen will also support VR performance and despite the fact that it will be smaller screen than the V20, LG says that the lower bezels will give consumers more room to play with especially with the addition of the screen being curved this time around. If all goes as planned the LG will be announced at the IFA show in Berlin on Agusut 31st. Stay tuned because LG may announce this on or before Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 8.

With so many phones due out before the end of the year, will the LG V30 be your next phone? Please let us know below. Thank you

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